Anxiety Residential Treatment Center

When should a person with an Anxiety Disorder enter a Residential Treatment Center?

Anxiety disorders, including Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Panic Disorder, Panic Attacks, phobias, Social Anxiety Disorder, Agoraphobia, psychological trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can be extremely disruptive to a person’s well-being.  When these disorders reach a point where they are interfering with a person’s daily functioning, negative outcomes such as job or school loss, relationship dissolution, estrangement from family or friends or isolation can occur.  A person with progressive symptoms of an anxiety disorder who is not improving with weekly psychotherapy or medication should consider entering an anxiety residential treatment center.  A residential facility can offer an immersive environment to help a person with an anxiety disorder start over and restructure their life for a successful outcome.

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How do Residential Treatment Centers address Anxiety Disorders?

A qualified, successful anxiety residential treatment center will utilize multiple modalities to address anxiety issues.  First, individual psychotherapy is the cornerstone of treatment.  A high number of individual sessions per week with a qualified Psychologist is paramount.  Group therapies form a powerful adjunct, including process groups, sleep therapy, anger management, and neurofeedback, when available.  Holistic treatments for anxiety include meditation and yoga, and nutritional improvement.  Finally, the healing milieu within the anxiety residential treatment center is of utmost importance.  A Client will be surrounded by other Clients who are experiencing the same challenges in life and undergoing a similar treatment odyssey.  This milieu provides valuable structure and support which cannot be obtained with outpatient therapy.

How long is Residential Treatment for Anxiety?

Clients with anxiety disorders usually require immersive treatment for a period of one to three months.  Most anxiety residential treatment centers have a one month minimum stay. Reassessment is important, and depending on a Client’s progress, the recommended length of stay may be increased or shortened.

How do I choose the right Residential Treatment Center for an Anxiety Disorder?

An anxiety residential treatment center’s success is always contingent on the expertise of its Psychiatrists, Psychologists, therapists and staff.  Pychologists who provide individual therapy ideally should be at a doctoral level.  All staff should have a high level of clinical expertise and experience working in a residential treatment setting. Testimonials from previous Clients are important, as well as the reputation of the facility within the community. In depth discussions with representatives from the facility are important initially. A tour of the facility and an initial evaluation in person are highly recommended when possible.

Pricing is also an important consideration.  Residential treatment center prices can vary from $10-60,000 per month.  It should be noted that a higher price does not necessarily correlate with better care.  Clients may be paying for expensive spa-like amenities that are not associated with improved outcomes at an anxiety residential treatment center.

One of the strongest features of an outstanding Anxiety Residential Treatment Center is thorough discharge planning, long-term follow up, and ongoing communications with a Client’s family, their original therapist and support structures. Vocational rehabilitation and counseling should also be available and each Client should be closely followed after they leave the facility to ensure their success.

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